It is recommended that all ARES members have the R1D1 Channel Utilization loaded into their radios. Any traffic or communications will start on the first channel of the list - if the repeater is down, or communications can not be made, traffic should be moved to the next frequency. This will help in asking stations to move to a Channel Number rather than having to spend valuable time in stating, repeating and ensuring the proper Frequency, tone and offset for frequencies. If your radio does not support this list, or splits VHF and UHF into separate banks, we recommend printing and laminating a copy to keep in your go bag.

Once an event or incident takes place, ARES uses the standardized ICS 205 Form to identify the communications plan for the response. Each event requires a new ICS 205 to be filled out for each reporting period. The 205 provides a list of frequencies, channels, locations of coverage, and tactical names of the channels that are to be used. 


Standing Comm Plan

Channel Utilization (Vers 4.5b - April 2021)

ICS 205 - Comm Plan - filla

Weekly Net Script V)4.1f (5/27/2021

ICS 205 - Comm Plan - pdf

ble docx

ICS 214 - Activity Log

Next Steps

R1D1 Registration Form